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Hi, my name is Luca Martella, CEO & Founder of Cleverativity. I’m a Senior Software Engineer, Growth Hacker, and Digital Marketer.

I have worked for almost 20 years in the HVAC & Refrigeration field. Thanks to this experience, I have developed problem-solving skills, learned respect for the customer’s timeline and requirements, and transparency in business relationships. 

I started Cleverativity to help organizations reach their goals by crafting cutting edge software solutions and executing effective digital marketing strategies.

Software Engineering has been my passion for more than 20 years: finding the perfect stack for every challenge, the continuous iteration for improving code up to perfection, and the curiosity that motivates me to learn new technologies along the way.

I believe that the passion I put in every project is the greatest added value you can bring to your customers.


Actualizing the future of our customers through software development.


Deliver world-class software products that exceed our customer’s expectations

Start your project now. 

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