Tech Startups

Cleverativity offers a variety of services for Tech Startups. Here are a few of the ways we can help.

Effective Marketing

One of the biggest challenges of a tech startup is finding users willing to give the tech a try. Our team knows how to analyze technology and determine the right audience for it, then market to those groups in a way that actually catches their interest.

That said, little we do is more helpful than getting people to talk about your technology. There’s real value to buzz, especially when people are talking about solutions to a problem they were having.

Iterative Processing

Coming up with a plan is good, but every good engineer knows that plans need to be refined and adjusted as you go along and get more information. Relying on initial guesses and assumptions when better information is available just doesn’t work.

Cleverativity uses an iterative approach to marketing, with a particular focus on discovering the technology that’s best able to help you succeed.

Quality Feedback

When you get a report from our team, we don’t just send you the raw numbers and expect you to sort through them. Instead, we provide feedback that says where your marketing campaign is, where it’s headed, and why we recommend certain changes and improvements.

We firmly believe that you should understand not just what’s going on, but why that choice was made and how it’s expected to help you. Anything less just isn’t good enough.

Forward-Thinking Marketing

Getting people to buy into your technology now is good – but what about future customers? Similarly, what if you release an updated version of your tech and want people to invest in it again?

When you’re developing technology, you always need to have an eye on the future. Here at Cleverativity, we don’t just market to customers – we look for ways to set up a growing campaign that will continue to bring in customers for as long as you’re doing business.

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