Small and Medium businesses

Cleverativity offers a variety of services for Small and Medium businesses. Here are a few of the ways we can help.

Effective Marketing

One of the biggest challenges of smaller businesses is finding new customers. Our team knows how to analyze your company and determine the right audience, then market to those groups in a way that actually catches their interest.

One of our biggest goals is getting people to talk about your business. There’s real value to buzz, especially when people are talking to their friends and recommending your business as the solution to a problem.

Cost-Effective Planning

We know how tight marketing budgets can be. That’s why Cleverativity focuses on growing your customer base and providing an ever-increasing amount of predictable profits. Unlike some companies, we don’t just come up with a plan and do the same thing forever – instead, we’re constantly looking for ways to iterate and improve.

Quality Feedback

When you get a report from our team, we don’t just send you the raw numbers and expect you to sort through them. Instead, we provide feedback that says where your marketing campaign is, where it’s headed, and why we recommend certain changes and improvements.

As a business owner, you’re busy – so we make it as easy as possible to get informed about what’s going on.

Forward-Thinking Marketing

Getting people to buy your products and services now is good – but what about future customers? Similarly, what if you release a new product and want people to buy from you?

Whatever you’re selling, you always need to have an eye on the future. Here at Cleverativity, we don’t just market to customers – we think about your future, from the number of customers you’ll need to the images and impressions you give.

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