How We Started

Dedicated To Your Business Growth

Dedicated To Your Business Growth

We’re a hybrid team of marketers, web designers, and coders with your company’s growth as the main goal of our process. We bring unique creative and technical growth hacking talents to support your digital marketing UX, viral factors, landing pages, A/B tests, open graph, and email deliverability – the real components of your success.

A Story About Passion In What We Do

Cleverativity was born in 2013 with the name “facileSULWEB” (Italian for “easily found on the web”). At the time, our founder Luca Martella started designing websites as a side project of his programming job, a passion started when he was just a teenager. He already had more than 10 years of experience developing cutting-edge engineering solutions in an internationally-focused software house.

In time, Luca was promoted to Sales Director and put in charge of the marketing and sales strategy of the company. Leading a team of three business managers, he acquired experience in team leading, digital marketing strategies, closing deals, and maximizing business growth. During this process, he realized that the websites he was making were just a small part of the problem small and medium businesses were struggling with: achieving measurable and affordable business growth.

This was when Luca discovered Growth Hacking, and he decided to quit his solid position to follow his most daring dream: becoming an entrepreneur and helping other companies achieve true growth through his experience and methods.

Cleverativity was born with a mission: To deliver clever growth hacking and marketing creativity for businesses in need.

Why You Should Hire Us

Our combined skills offer our clients:

Growth Hacking // Digital Marketing // Creativity & Design // Apps Development // Consultations & Mentoring

We will prove you that our work is driven by Passion and Commitment.

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