Growth Marketing Service

Implement, Measure, Grow, Repeat!

What Is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is the process of finding the best ways to market your business in a way that delivers growth as well as profits. This might include finding new demographics, creating products to fulfill unmet needs, or expanding to new locations by growth marketing consultant. Successful growth marketing will allow your company to reap the benefits of entering a market before any of your competitors get there.

To learn more about this, discover How Growth Hacking Became A Successful Marketing Strategy.

Why Many Startups Struggle

For many startups, marketing isn’t easy – in fact, only 10% of startups typically reach their marketing goals. There are many reasons for this – new entrepreneurs may not know how to get everything in order, while experienced owners may still find it difficult to handle everything a new business needs. Multitasking and working harder isn’t enough – you need expert help that can get the job done on-time and within the budget you’ve got. Cleverativity offers a worry-free service so you can focus on running your business while we take care of your marketing needs.

Effective Marketing: The Data That Proves The Plan

The core of Growth Marketing is a process of iterative design that searches for the perfect marketing strategy. Anybody can make a guess about marketing, but hard data proves what works – and our agency goal is always to find the plan that offers the best growth at the lowest price. Throughout this process, we create plans, define realistic goals, and constantly improve the process by comparing the data.

We perform Growth Hacking on three different levels



Measuring helps us determine what your company needs.


Analysis helps us provide context to the measurements and understand what they really mean.


Finally, optimization allows us to create the best plan, then go back to the start so we can begin the process and continue to improve it.

Our Process

We believe in a straightforward, transparent process that helps you understand both what we're doing and why we're doing it.
  1. First, we start with a free call to get to know you and your company.
  2. Then we analyze your current marketing assets.
  3. After that, we'll discuss a growth roadmap across multiple levels of the AARRR stack:
    1. Acquisition
    2. Activation
    3. Retention
    4. Revenue
    5. Referral
  4. Once you're convinced that the plan is as good as it's going to get, we'll start implementing it and provide you with regular reports so you can understand exactly how successful the strategy is.

Is Growth Marketing Effective For My Startup?

Of course! Companies like Slack, Red Hat, and Tinder have used Growth Marketing to expand their reach and find new customers - and you can do the same. Ultimately, Growth Marketing is about finding a strategy that works and then continuing to refine and improve it - and that's what companies need to succeed.

Let us use Growth Marketing to help your Business!