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Who Said Nobody Reads Newsletters Anymore?

Why People Ignore Newsletters

Most people ignore newsletters because they don’t provide value. If you’re just sending ads to their inbox, chances are they don’t care unless they’re thinking about buying something right then and there.

A good newsletter is visually-striking, easy to read, and capable of providing genuine value to the reader. Customers are automatically attracted to things that make their life better, so the more your newsletters address their needs, the more successful they’re going to be.

How Cleverativity Can Transform Your Email Marketing - For Good

Even if you haven’t touched it before, your email contact list is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. The real issue is finding the right way to use it for your business. This is where our team at Clearativity can step in. We’ll help you:

  1. Create personalized, enticing emails that your customers will actually want to read
  2. Optimize your email marketing campaigns to deliver maximum results
  3. Help you create drip email campaigns that will gradually build interest and excitement over time

If you don’t have an email list, we can help with that as well. Creating gated content – where people have to provide their email address to get access to something – can rapidly build your email list and turn visitors into future customers.

Our Process

We'll start off by asking you to send us a few examples of your newsletters. This will help us understand what your customers have seen in the past and how experienced your current newsletter creators are.

Once we've done that, we'll create a concrete plan to help you optimize your email marketing campaigns. This could include improving the designs, making better content, or even segmenting your audience so that different demographics get newsletters tailored to their needs and desires.

Finally, with your approval, we'll implement the plan and monitor how your audience gets more excited and involved with your company.

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